“Here in Montreal, we are in a part of North America that is culturally different. We want to offer children and young people the opportunity to see performances they will always remember.”

Rémi Boucher

The mission of the Festival Les Coups de Théâtre is to encourage development in the performing arts for children and young people, and to promote and develop artistic productions created specifically for young audiences.

The Festival is also dedicated to fostering a connection with their young audiences in order to develop their intelligence and sensitivity, arouse their interest, and develop their curiosity and sense of critical analysis by giving them the opportunity to experience professional productions in optimum performance conditions.

In conjunction with these activities, the Festival seeks to provide support for parents and educators by helping them to develop children’s interest in the performing arts and new artistic practices and by exposing them to the work of local and international artists through productions of the highest artistic calibre.

The Festival is also dedicated to offering artistic creators a forum for reflection on the practice of their art by introducing them to recent initiatives by the most innovative artists in Canada and abroad, encouraging the development of international exchange projects and the creation of national and international touring networks.